Stop Acting So Small- Why Business Dreams Die

I am going to die. And I need to start living like it.
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Is this another one of those inspirational, rah-rah, let's all be positive and chase our dreams quote?

Yes. It is.

Are you rolling your eyes?

If I read this 5 years ago, I would have felt that this was just another fluff saying for people who didn't live in reality.

Life was and is hard. It's nasty. Sometimes, experiences can haunt you so bad that they make horror films look like Saturday morning cartoon specials.

Now, things are different. Life has thrown me some ugly punches and I've been knocked down too many times to count. But my life continues on, and every day I'm reminded that one day I won't be here.

I am going to die. And I need to start living like it.

This proclamation is in large part due to my mastermind experience. Mastermind? Think of it as a business support group. It's a bunch of carefully selected people who hold each other accountable. It's the audience you know that will applaud you but also tell you where you veered off course. These people help plan your ideal life and give you the tools and support to get your there.

As I continue to grow and evolve with my fellow mastermind members, the one discovery I have found is that we are all our own biggest obstacle when it comes to success. I knew this before, but now, my theory has been solidified.


It's our ever-present fear that holds us back. It's the stories we continually tell ourselves about who we are and who we should be that let our dreams fall by the wayside.

Are these stories true? Many of them are not. These tales are fabricated throughout the years, from random childhood incidents to something someone said to you long ago and in a snap, your mind believed it.

This ongoing tape recorder in your head can be so damaging. It is your decision to continue listening to it, and it's also in your power to acknowledge its existence. Take a hammer and smash the beliefs that hold you back.

Who am I to become something great? The question is, who am I not to?

Jessica Young launched her own business in March 2015. Read more on her website here and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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