Stop-And-Frisk Stickers By Artist Jay Shells Seek To Keep Up The Pressure In NYC (VIDEO)

Judge Shira Scheindlin, in a landmark ruling last week, decided that the New York City Police Department's highly unpopular use of stop and frisk was unconstitutional.

Unsurprisingly, the city appealed the ruling, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have have since given multiple, full-throated defenses of the NYPD's use of stop and frisk.

Tomorrow, city council will vote to override two Bloomberg vetoes of stop-and-frisk related bills. One sets up the office of the inspector general, which would act as a watchdog over the police department. The other makes it easier for New Yorkers to sue if they've been racially profiled.

With so much stop-and-frisk policy hanging in the balance, artist Jay Shells--the man behind citywide guerrilla Rap Quotes installations--has teamed up with AnimalNY to create FREE "Stop Frisking Sticker packs as depicted in the video above.

The stickers are meant to neatly blend into your average STOP signs. Bucky Turco, the founder of AnimalNY, instagrammed this photo Tuesday with the caption, "Here's what I sent Bloomberg on Friday: #StopFrisking sticker packs."

While AnimalNY is not advocating for public use of the stickers due to the potential legal repercussions, it is providing a detailed list of locations where the stickers can be obtained.



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