Stop Blaming Hillary For Trump's Rise To Power

“Bernie could’ve beaten Trump.” It’s a sentiment I’ve heard numerous times since Nov. 8, 2016.

A statement like this is not only a sweeping generalization, but also inherently sexist. It only serves to blame Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump’s rise to power.

Let me be abundantly clear: Hillary Clinton is not at fault for Trump’s election.

The first time I heard someone declare that Bernie could’ve beaten Trump was the day after the election. Hillary had yet to give her concession speech and already she was “at fault.” We want to blame anyone but ourselves.

Now, just minutes after Trump’s inauguration, I’m hearing people utter that same statement. But this time I’m not in America. Sitting in a library in a London suburb, I can’t seem to escape the election, and even worse: I can’t escape sexism.

America’s attitude towards women is contagious.