Liberals Condemning Meryl Streep Are Eating Their Own

Liberals, don’t cannibalize each other now.

In Roger Cohen’s New York Times op-ed, in Trevor Noah’s Daily Show segment and elsewhere, liberals are telling each other not to be “tone deaf” to the sensibilities of the Trump demographic.

So to explain the popularity of Donald Trump with his voters, liberals are now eating their own. Meryl Streep speaks truth to power, eloquently and passionately, and she becomes the reason why the populace hates truth, intelligence, culture, liberals. Well that’s entirely wrong. That demographic, Trump supporters, is filling the seats of all the Broadway shows, and eating New York cheesecake and pizza and pastrami super-sized, all year round.

Liberals, don’t cannibalize each other now. We liberals are not the problem.

 Hatred of liberals and their intelligence, culture and relative honesty (compared to the pants on fire white supremacist, neo-fascist “alt right”) are not why we are now inflicted with Trump. Look to the billions of dollars spent to disseminate right-wing propaganda on Fox News, Breitbart and AM talk radio.

Right-wing think tanks funded by billionaire ideologues have been busy for 30- 40 years, working up devious ways to scam working-class people into believing that “Republicans” represent their interests, and liberals should be scorned.

Liberals, don’t cannibalize each other now. We liberals are not the problem. The big business, highly profitable, relentless brainwashing and exploitation of the non-urban working class through 24/7 billionaire-funded propaganda is the problem. Liberals should not be intimidated into being silenced about decency.

There was nothing contemptuous or condescending in what Streep said, whereas Fox News/Breitbart/AM Talk Radio is all contempt, all the time. Meryl Streep provided an “have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last” moment in her eloquent speech, and there need to be many, many more speeches just like it.