Stop Broadcasting the Charlie Sheen Train Wreck

As anyone with any experience with an addict will tell you -- it's time to stop listening to Charlie Sheen. As each network eagerly hawks their exclusive with this terribly ill man, it's time to turn off the cameras and let people who care about him to try to help him. And to stop enabling, empowering and encouraging his downward spiral.

In most cases someone spewing the delusional, grandiose and revenge-fueled pushback of what can only be called a cornered man would be talking this way to the Starbucks barista, the clerk at CVS, the ER nurse or the last person on his cell phone list of favorites who will take his calls. Charlie Sheen's rantings, however, still make headlines. But it's the same sad story -- the last gasps of someone who has let go of every rope, lost every friend and played out every last favor -- the desperate anger of a lost soul with only one choice left. Stop taking drugs or die.

It's horrible to watch anyone go through the very predictable levels of dependency and its consequences, which, trust me, are the same with every addict -- but unfortunately Charlie Sheen makes a boatload of money with a TV show that seems to mimic his "winning formula" of bravado and self-denial. So he thinks he's powerful, invincible and wronged. We've heard it all before -- go to any Al-anon meeting if you don't believe me.

Charlie Sheen needs our sympathy and our best wishes, but he does not deserve to be heard anymore. Please stop giving him a platform and a microphone. He is not well, and it's the cruelest kind of exploitation.