Stop Calling Trump 'Bad'

As I watch my social media pop up with anti-Trump messages, I notice almost all of them call Donald Trump "bad."


Number one, that makes you no better than him or his followers. Hate begets hate. The only way we can heal as a nation is stop being divisive, listen to one another and try to understand, even if we disagree.

Number two, I don't know the man and I am willing to guess the people calling him "bad" have never met him. We have no clue if he's bad or good. For that matter, what IS bad and good? So subjective.

Look, Donald Trump's actions on this campaign through rally's and in the media are horrific. We can all agree on that. But here's the thing. Hurt people hurt. They hurt themselves, others, and often both.

Trump has touched a nerve. All the things many people used to say when not in "polite company" are now being said out in the open. Now we know who is hurting. Yes, they are hurting a lot of other people through their actions and words.

Personally, I'm grateful to Trump and his followers. They're holding a mirror up to ME (all of us) to see where I judge others. Where am I short on loving unconditionally? Where am I unwilling to engage in civil conversation (or discourse)?

Number three, I gotta think that maybe someone willing to step into the spotlight and play the part of stirring up the unspoken isn't as bad as we think. He just might be the best thing that's happened to our country in 60 some odd years. Maybe, just maybe this time, we can heal those old hurts.

Before you post another anti-Trump message, include in it a solution. What role are YOU going to take in this healing? If we want to see America truly be great, we have to be able to speak and we can't do that when both sides are calling each other names.