Stop Eating Pizza And Milk Together, They Are An Unholy Union

Leave pizza alone!!!

There’s no question: Pizza is a fantastic food. Milk is also great ― especially when there are cookies nearby. But by no means should these entities ever cross paths.

After all, pizza has CHEESE on it. Cheese has milk in it. Adding milk to the equation is just asking your body to bring on a stomachache. That’s too much dairy!!

Still, some people insist it’s great.

One Twitter user tweeted an otherwise non-offensive slice of pepperoni pizza dunked unceremoniously into a giant glass of milk. Their caption to this horrific image? “Pizza + Milk = a great combination😋😋😋”

No, IsaiahDaGawdd. That is not a great combination. Who raised you?

We refuse to accept this marriage of pizza and milk. The internet refuses to accept this:

Save the pizza and drink your milk with cookies instead.

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