Deepak Chopra Shares Tips To Break Free From Emotional Eating (VIDEO)

Hannah, 24, says she has been overweight for as long as she can remember. Emotional eating is her crutch: the memories from things like her parent's divorce and her childhood bullies cause her to turn to food. Hannah says she feels like she's finally prepared to address her excess weight, but something is holding her back.

On OWN's new series "Help Desk," she sits down with Deepak Chopra, author of What Are You Hungry For? and a pioneer of mind-body medicine. The series connects celebrated spiritual leaders like Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, and Gary Zukav with real people looking for guidance who sit down at the "help desk" to address whatever is weighing on their mind.

"I want to be successful, and my body's ready, and my mind seems somewhat ready, but I can't break away from the connection with emotions to food," Hannah tells Chopra in the above video.

"So you're aware of that, that's the best thing," Chopra tells her.

He advises her to make a commitment to practicing body awareness. "Every time you're about to put food in your body, ask yourself: 'Am I hungry right now? How hungry am I? What am I hungry for?' Just by dong that, you'll break the reflex," he says.

Along with eating mindfully and cutting out sugar, Chopra says getting enough rest is essential.

"Sleep deprivation causes obesity, as does stress," he says.

His advice all boils down to three practical tips: "Mediate, get good sleep … walk 10,000 steps every day," Chopra says.

"Help Desk" premiers on Sunday, Sept. 7, at noon ET on OWN.



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