21 Tourists Who Totally Forgot How To Behave Around Statues

Oh, how funny you are, squeezing those bronze boobs.

Clearly, this is exactly the response Michelangelo anticipated when he created his masterpiece.

You, sir, are a hoot.

Make yo nana proud.

Uh, at least she's making herself useful.

You know it's time to go home when ...

You can see the immediate regret in her eyes. 

Stay home.


This guy looks way too excited about this situation.

Did you send this pic to your mother?

Make it stop.

Childhood = ruined.

Poor Snoopy just wanted a hug.

This guy's facial expression is next level.

You're not worldly and cultured until you pick a statue's nose.


This seems romantic and hygienic.

This is not insanely awkward AT ALL.

I like big butts and I cannot lie ♪ ♫ ♬

That guy on the left is judging you so hard right now, and he's not even sorry.


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