21 Types Of Coworkers That Make You Want To Collect Unemployment

Stop πŸ‘ hitting πŸ‘ reply πŸ‘ all! πŸ‘

Hopefully these don't conjure up too many traumatic memories. (Stop looking over his shoulder, Janice from Accounting!)

1. The coworker who always stinks up the entire office with his food.

2. The coworker who overshares. ALL. THE. TIME.

3. The coworker who sings at her desk.

4. And the coworker who hums.

5. The coworker who acts like she's the boss of you.

6. The coworker who guilts you for snacking.

7. The coworker who has no concept of personal hygiene.

8. The coworker who never shuts up.

9. The sick coworker who just needs to go home before he infects everyone.

10. The coworker who flirts with everyone.

11. The coworker who has never heard of personal space.

12. The clingy coworker.

13. The coworker who won't stop showing off.

14. The hot-tempered coworker.

15. The rude coworker who chews way too loudly.

16. The know-it-all coworker.

17. And the coworker who always gives unwanted advice.

18. The coworker who listens to the crappiest music at her desk.

19. The coworker who makes everyone feel like a slacker for not using a standing desk.

20. The coworker who never refills the communal coffee pot.

21. The coworker who always hits "reply all."

For real ...

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