Stop Judging Bodies According to a False Ideal

If the biggest insult you can give someone is about the size of their body, you need a hug, or maybe a throat punch.
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If the biggest insult you can give someone is about the size of their body, you need a hug, or maybe a throat punch. Our culture is ridiculous. Body shaming every. single. kind. of. body. Skinny, fat, fit and everything in between. Every body type is criticized. Enough is enough, dammit.

We all deserve to work through our journeys without shame and hate. We all deserve to be happy in the day-to-day. We all are unique and that in itself is so damn beautiful that the thought of criticizing anyone for their unique beauty is absurd.

I get to love my body.

You get to love yours.

And we should all be able to do so in peace.

There are bigger problems, people. Comparing, shaming your own body and others', and trying to be an ideal when truly there is no such thing, is simply sad. Exhausting, really. That's the thing, the ideal is a lie, a false idea, yet so many chase after it and judge others according to it.

You are comparing and judging bodies against a false ideal.

There will never be happiness in that journey.

Self care, being the best you, and loving yourself along the way... that should be the only ideal.

My body has been gloriously used from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. I use the talents I have been given to the best of my ability. I try to use my mind to live my passions that will make my soul feel alive.

My voice is heard and used to speak truths, inspiration, and empowerment. To tell my family I love them as often as possible. My ears listen to story after story as women process. My heart has ached with loss and soared with joy and love.

My breasts have nourished children, my womb has created life, my body has birthed human beings, my hands and arms have comforted and held those I love and embraced thousands of women and men in hugs and solidarity. My legs have squatted as I pushed out children. My feet have chased giggling toddlers.

That's just a fraction of what my body has done in a short 37 years. A fraction of a fraction of what it will do.

Yet we are judged by a numerical pant size and are told constantly to join the next weight loss bikini challenge or detox or cleanse.

Improve yourself for you. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. How will we ever be kind to each other if we aren't being kind to our own selves?

People say in hindsight it's so sad when someone was bullied, or hurting, or finally decided it wasn't worth one more day of living. Well, quite frankly, that's not good enough. We have to change it now, today, tomorrow. We have to be able to say that it never happened to begin with.

Let us stop judging based on size or numbers and instead celebrate the miracle our bodies are. Let's look at people and really. see. who. they. are.

For that's the thing that is missed in chasing the ideal... seeing the miracle you and each other truly are.

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