Stop Losing Your Remote Control Thanks To Velcro

Never Lose The Remote Control Again

We're totally in hibernation mode this winter, which means we're spending a lot of time with our good friend TiVo. And if you're into cozy nights at home too, then we imagine you've experienced the same little problem we have: misplacing the clicker. How is it that this little gadget, though used constantly, always goes missing? We have no idea, but our friends at Real Simple have our backs with a great tip to making sure we stop losing the remote control for good.

Simply take a piece of Velcro and attach it to one side of the control. Then, place another piece on a surface near the television. This could be the boob tube itself, table or couch. When the television is off, just place the remote onto the chosen area and it'll stay put until you're ready to watch your favorite show.

Hack A Day also came up with a nifty trick to solve this problem by creating a paging system for the controller by using your home phone.

All we know is that we appreciate these great tips because they're easy and new ways to help us get organized. Not to mention the fact that we’ll never have to go digging in the couch ever again -- unless we need some change of course.

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