Stop Lying and Face The Facts. You're Too Scared

"I can't. I have a mortgage."

"It's just not possible, I have a kid to take care of."

"Yeah, if I had enough money, but I'm still paying off student loans."

These are excuses you will hear time and again as an entrepreneur. Perhaps it's from a family member or maybe your friends. It really doesn't matter who says it. The fact is, is that people have goals and dreams, and then they get put on the back burner. 

You on the other hand, are taking the plunge-putting your credibility, livelihood and outrageous amount of time to make something happen for yourself.

Title: Entrepreneur.

This is risky business. If you deal with high-stress at your job now, you are about to feel a whole new level of worry. All this for something that in all likelihood will fail. 

How's that for a morning pick-me-up? 

Here's the thing: The debt, car payments and lack of time aren't the real problems. The truth is you are letting fear stop you from going after what you want.

People need to stop lying to themselves. Look in the mirror and just admit it. Be honest with yourself. 

You are scared to fail because when you run your own business, any blame will fall 100 per cent on your lap. There's nowhere to deflect. 

I once had a friend (let's call him Tim) who LOVED to play tennis. He would watch it all day, practice his serve technique inside his house and itch for the moments he could hear his shoes squeak on the tennis court. All he wanted to do was entrench himself in the world of tennis.

More than a couple times, Tim spoke in envy about his friend Peter. 

Peter sacrificed so much by moving halfway across the world to become an architect. Loneliness, endless studying, and a partner thousands of miles away did not stand in the way. Peter made it happen.  He is doing what he absolutely loves. 

Tim made the fatal mistake of creating boundaries that only exist in his mind. I say the word "fatal" not to be dramatic, but to signify the death of this man's life purpose. There's no doubt Tim has a gift for tennis. Sadly, no one will ever get to witness this gift. He's buried his passion and succumbed to life circumstances he deems should be ahead of his happiness.

To make matters worse, the fear of not succeeding can be coupled with another dream-squashing culprit. It's the idea that you don't believe you deserve to be happy, successful or wealthy. 

I truly believe it's a fear combo of personal failure and wealth of success that keeps people in the grips of a not-so-fulfilled life. 

So who will you be: Peter or Tim? 

Remember what's at stake-it's not only your dreams, but your chance at fulfillment and happiness like you've never experienced. Just ask Peter. 

Jessica launched her own business in March 2015. She is scared on a daily basis. Click on her website and follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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