Stop Repeating and Retelling What Rush Says!

I have a simple question for non-conservative Tweetsters, Tweetrices, bloggers, bloggettes and the like: Why do you track, note and reiterate every idiotic statement uttered and belched by Rush, Sean or Beck? Seriously. Why? Have you nothing better to say? Have you no spokespeople or pundits that you'd like to highlight? Why mention these folks in that most Americans don't listen to them and have never heard of them? Seriously. Why?

Their followers care not of what you say or write. You merely alert the folks of your camp who haven't heard of these guys to tune them in and check them out. It seems to be an obsession of yours. Everywhere, Rush is mentioned. More than ever. And what's odd, he isn't mentioned on Faux News that much. Why?

Because you do their work.

Now, if you must mention these guys, at least try to make the connection that he'/they're the voice of the Republican Party. They're anti-Sotomayor and anti-Latina. Fine, I dig. But the aforementioned commentators have an obsession with Rush, Sean and Beck. Is your goal to expose their falsities? To whom? Those reading you already know this. Your ideological enemies couldn't care less of what you write. So why?

So I repeat: Why do you track his and their thoughts more than your own? In fact, what are your own thoughts?

I attribute it to the fact that most of the aforementioned non-conservative commentators and pundits are such tyros, so inexperienced, so consumed with anger over being ignored for years, that they don't know what to do. Rush attacks liberals and only his constituency nods in obeisant affirmation. Why attack Rush and give him publicity? Attack the Republicans.

It's simple.

Unless you just plain hate Rush and the wannabes, lock onto how the Republicans are anti-Latina, anti-Big Tent, exclusive, bigoted, name it. Invite folks into the Democratic camp. Remind them of what they say in the big picture. If you have to mention Rush, note that he's the de factor spokesperson of the GOP and that Steele is dead. They've no intellectually-consistent moorings, no anchor, no ideology save hate, exclusion and bigotry.

And as much as Olbermann is goading Sean anent the waterboarding challenge, why hasn't Sean responded? Let's see. Because he's won. Sean suckered KO and KO bit. Keith had on that ChiTown Cowman guy (desperately seeking an identity), who was waterboarded for a picosecond and screamed like a little girl that it was torture, and gave Sean a commercial. It seems that Sean had pledged to be waterboarded himself for charity. KO took that bait as well and taunts Sean nightly to be a man and pay up or hit the boards. Sean got him again. His fans couldn't care less that Sean welshed on a bet, for charity, no less, and is impuissant. O'Reilly wouldn't deign to mention Keith. No one would of that camp. I know they're number one compared to Keith... wait, do you think that's why? Hmmm?

Look, I'm no Rush fan. I haven't heard an entire show of his, Sean's or Beck's ever. And I mean ever. I used to work with him and he was a nice guy. So is Sean and Beck for that matter. They're masters of the work, the shtick. They sucker the self-righteous and comically-media-unsophisticated in. But listen carefully . . .

Don't play into their shtick!

Jesus, all you whatevers, grow a pair and think on your own. What do you think? What do you believe? I detest Rush's angle, but it's shtick. Shmaltz. It's an act. In wrestling parlance, it's a work. An angle. Don't you see? Can't you see? (What that woman's been doing to me.)

The Dems have an über-majority. Sotomayor will be confirmed and appointed Associate Justice. Nothing, repeat, nothing can stop that from happening, especially Rush and his wannabes. So, in peroration, don't merely repeat and recite what he said and they say.

Carville et Begala: Geniuses.

You see, James and Paul did some polling. Ee yi ee yi oh. And on that poll it appeared that the anti-Rush sentiment was inordinate. So what these two sons of the South did was make the juxtaposition that the evilly-perceived Rush with the GOP, not conservatives but the GOP. Poor Mikey Steele, he tried to pull in the moderate Republicans (oxymoron?) that he needed by distancing the party from El Gordo. Bad move, the Rush minions took offense, rejected Steele, raised Rush's ratings even more and wreaked political havoc on the GOP.

Great. The GOP's on its heels and the heels are scattering. So what do the so-called anti-GOP, antipodal conservatives do, they merely repeat what Rush said and says. If you do, at least charge them for ad time.

Try this, just see what happens: pledge to mention not a word about these guys for six weeks. Just do it. It'll drive 'em crazy(-ier).

So, listen to Uncle Lionel, and don't take this the wrong way . . . but enough with Rush, already!

Let us prey.