Stop Searching for Your Life Purpose


Life Purpose is a popular buzzword in the spiritual community. There are tons of books written to help you discover it, and there seems to be this idea that you need to figure out your Life Purpose in order to be on your spiritual path. This purpose is also almost always associated with a job. So when we're asking what our life purpose is, we're often asking what kind of career we should have.

During the first five years of my spiritual journey, I practically obsessed over figuring out my Life Purpose. I read books and did meditations and prayed for guidance, and I was sure that figuring out my Life Purpose meant figuring out exactly which job I should have. I had no idea what kind of work would make me happy, and I was desperate to get the answer.

I considered so many options -- naturopath, yoga teacher, health coach, massage therapist, chiropractor, doula, life coach, and on and on -- but none of them felt quite right. I kept thinking that when I finally landed on the right job, the one my soul was born to do, the sky would just open up or something and everything would feel right and all of the confusion that I was feeling would just melt away.

I realize now that I was thinking of it all wrong though. Our life purpose is not about getting the right job. The only real reason that any of us are here is to give love. We forget this and try to make things so complicated for ourselves, but at a base level, this is it.

I was so hung up on trying to find my purpose that I wasn't putting the energy into just being who I am and enjoying life. I was making life so serious and investing my energy in a search that really wasn't getting me anywhere. It's a funny feeling to be like "okay, I can stop searching now and just start living."

When you're obsessing over your life purpose, what you're saying is that you currently do not have a purpose. You're searching and praying for the "key" that matches your "lock," so that your life can be activated.

Your mental equation is career = life purpose = true purpose = worth.

Stop searching for your worth and your purpose. Your purpose is it to be here, to be you, to give love, and that is more than enough.

I absolutely believe that people have their own strengths and weaknesses and are suited for different vocations. I believe that someone who is stuck in a dead end job may not be as happy, and therefore may have a more difficult time enjoying life and giving love than someone who is working at something that they are passionate about. Our jobs can provide us with an amazing opportunity to spread love into the world, but they are just a channel for our ultimate purpose, not the purpose itself.

If you are struggling to find the right job for you and are wondering how you can have an impact on the world, just start being a beacon of love. Smile at strangers, be kind even when you are feeling impatient, and start every day by asking. "How can I have fun and spread love into the world today?" When you live this way, the right opportunities will start flowing your way, and you will end up attracting a job that suits you and makes you very happy. And even more important, you'll be living an amazing life.

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