Stop Subtweeting, Start Engaging

Women are the worst to each other. Everyone is guilty of this, whether they mean to be or not, including me -- from talking behind each others' backs about the horrible outfit this woman is wearing, or how that woman could really use some mascara. It's all pretty trivial stuff, but hurtful nonetheless. But it gets worse when we talk badly about a woman who is confident and successful -- and OWNING it. We should be proud of her and take notes, not tear her down.

I read a quote today: "Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another." It takes nothing away from you to build up, support or otherwise encourage a fellow woman. In fact, it makes you more likable and approachable, and you never know who will return the favor. Besides that, by empowering other women, you are literally promoting fairness and equality to women that we have been after for so long. What better place to start than supporting each other?

The Law of Attraction literally says that there is enough success in the world for everyone. Helping a coworker or friend doesn't mean you won't get your chance to shine.

If you do take the chance to help another woman, be sure to help gently. We are all creatures of ego, and any form a criticism, no matter how it is intended, can hurt. Make suggestions in a way that is helpful, not accusatory or demeaning. The key is finding a way to get your point across while also making them feel empowered, not downtrodden.

Similarly, if you are receiving help, don't get defensive. It's easy to take suggestions personally, but because someone took the time to help you get better, it means they saw potential, not failure. They wouldn't bother if you were beyond help. Listen carefully, ask questions, and afterwards, you can decide how much to apply to your life.

By using feminism and the female community as a way to seek and give support, we are creating our own circumstances for success. We could empower a woman to find the cure for breast cancer, completely shatter the glass ceiling, and have our first female president. It's up to us.