32 Dads Whose Texting Rights Should Be Revoked

Because the only thing worse than a dad joke is a dad joke in text form.

1. Take this dad for example, whose sense of humor has no mercy.

2. Or this dad, who isn't afraid to ask the important questions.

3. Or perhaps this dad and his valiant first attempt at a text.

4. How about this dad who knows a punchline or two?

5. This punny dad.

6. This dad and his great advice.

7. This prankster dad.

8. This dad who never misses an opportunity for a good pun.

9. This dad who loves to tease.

10. This trendy dad who invents his own abbreviations.

11. This dad who trumps mom in group texts.

12. This dad who's pretty excited about what the kids are into.

13. This dad who knows all about periods.

14. This "pelfie" pioneer.

15. This dad who clearly enjoyed his fair share of Disney.

16. This dad who should probably never use voice-to-text ever again.

17. This dad who just wants to be one of the cool kids.

My dad is cuter than your dad 😹#text #dad #dadtext

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18. This dad and his hilarious dating advice.

19. This dad, bless his soul, who should probably go for more variety when checking up on his kid.

20. This brutally honest dad.

21. This proud owner of a selfie stick.

22. This dad in his moment of triumph.

23. This dad and his reassuring pep talk.

24. This rolling dad.

25. This bat fart.

26. This dad and his "little spawn."

27. This dad who has no concept of when to be serious.

28. This dad who thinks he's oh so clever.

29. This dad who's just passin' time.

30. This incredibly insightful dad.

31. This terrible influence of a dad.

32. And this dad, who clearly took things too far.

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