Stop the Fast Track! Refuse to Sign the TPP!

The United States of America is evolving into something very different than the honorable nation we were told it was in school. I realize that it took a while to reach many of the high-sounding goals... and that all have not yet been achieved. But I truly thought we were ALL working on them.

Several stumbling blocks are in the way. I will address dangers of passing the Fast Track or of signing the TPP.

It appears that global corporations -- who wrote the agreement -- are setting-up member- nations to become satellites to a world-wide government completely controlled by them.

The fact that negotiations are being done IN SECRET is key to the danger. In a democratic republic, The People have the right to know what is being adopted. Secrecy is not acceptable.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are trying to inform The People. President Obama has accused them of spreading "misinformation." The only way we can know who is right is for Congress to make the agreement public before it votes to Fast Track or to pass the TPP. So how about it Mr. President? When can we see it?

I understand that under the TPP global corporations would control everything, including the price and availability of our medicines and the quality of our food. American jobs would once again be lost. Corporations could sue nations, charge us huge fines, and negate our safety and pollution laws. Copyright laws would also be affected.

Allowing"Fast Track" approval gives Congress no opportunity to fine-tune the agreement to make sure it does not infringe on the people's rights and safety. Congress could then vote "yes or no" and no adjustments could be made. TPP supporters do not want Congress to amend the agreement! They want full control of our nation, our wealth, our land, our air, our water, our citizens...even our Internet!

We must say NO!

The Senate has already passed this abomination! It's up to the House to vote it down.

Call your Representatives and demand that they vote against it. Insist that they publish the entire text of the agreement so The People can know what it says. And insist that they allow sufficient time to hear from constituents...from The People! We have a right to know what our government officials are getting us into.

Anything that affects us so profoundly must be made public and allowed time for debate and changes.

I fear for our democracy. I fear for our economy. It's clear that the only people who will benefit from this rotten agreement are huge corporations and those they pay to vote their way.

Watch how your public officials vote. If they vote for this questionable agreement, work to get them out of office. Replace them with people who care about our nation and our people. We need officials who care about our future to handle our business. The rest should be sent back home.

Call the Congressional Switchboard--(202)225-3121. Ask to be connected to your representative's office. Then insist that s/he oppose both the Fast Track and the TPP.

I spoke to two aides today. I told them how very concerned I am. I urged them to ask the Representative to make the text public and allow time for public input. I felt they cared and would pass along my concerns.

But sadly, I believe my congressman, Lamar Smith, will vote FOR the Fast Track and the TPP.

I will be working to replace any public official who supports and votes for this agreement.