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McCain: Stop the "Hate Talk Express"

We just don't have time and energy for the low road. There is just too much at stake.
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"Kill Him!"
"Sit Down Boy!"
"Barack HUSSEIN Obama!"
"That One!"
"Bomb Obama!"

Senator John McCain needs to put the brakes on the "Hate Talk Express." McCain must end the shameful and dangerous hate mongering erupting daily at McCain/Palin rallies. It is so bad that the Secret Service is probing death threats against Senator Obama emerging at these hate fests.

Today, McCain finally calling Obama "decent" is a first baby step but it just isn't enough. The McCain/Palin hot-headed supporters are so worked up that they booed McCain's effort to take the high road.

The frenzied hate genie is out of the bottle, his supporters are unhinged and it's McCain's fault. We must continue to call McCain on his desperate and divisive ploys. Also, McCain continues to stink up the airwaves running 100% negative ads. County first, my ass. McCain, tear down those nasty ads!

Frankly these videos of the unhinged McCain/Palin lynch mob scare the crap out of me. Makes you wonder when they'll break out the pitchforks and torches.

I fear that David Gergen is right. That these McCain/Palin hate fest rallies will lead to violence against Obama or his supporters:

"There is a free-floating sort of whipping-around anger that could really lead to some violence," Gergen says. "And I think we're not far from that."

When Obama started running, many African-American voters expressed fear for his safety. That fear has lingered. I always pushed those fears aside because I never wanted to succumb to those "what ifs".

I remember having a frustrating conversation with a black voter who refused to support Obama just because he felt that voting for him was an automatic death sentence. I vowed to never yield those fears and let those scary thoughts cloud my mind... until now.

Remember this summer when McCain accused Obama of playing the race card?

McCain took on the role of aggrieved victim, his campaign waiting almost a day after Obama's remarks to charge that he had injected race into the presidential campaign. "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. Its divisive, negative, shameful and wrong," McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said.

Well, McCain's "hate card" tactics are divisive, negative, shameful and wrong. The McCain campaign is free fall and they are whipping up "his friends" in a final desperate ploy to win.

The good news is the "hate card" won't work this time around. Obama is right. Voters won't fall for these tactics at a time that the country needs to come together to clean up the catastrophic economic mess. McCain's negatives are soaring and Obama's lead grows each day.

We just don't have time and energy for the low road. There is just too much at stake. Voters simply won't believe for a minute that McCain will reach across the aisle to work with "That One"?

I wonder how the once honorable McCain lives with himself. How can McCain use the same Lee Atwater tactics and talent that brought down his own 2000 bid? When Atwater was finally felled by a brain tumor, he saw the error of his ways and apologized. What will it take for McCain to turn the page?

Also, what are we to make of LOSERS like McCain and Senator Clinton who lead their supporters into an angry frenzy in the death throes of their campaign?

When the race was long over, Hillary awkwardly appealed to the basest instincts of "hard working, white American" supporters. Clinton floated yucky Freudian thoughts about the tragic fall of Bobby Kennedy fueling dangerous speculation about Obama's safety.

We all know how Clinton's trip down the low road ended. The PUMAS are STILL plotting their revenge against Obama. Like McCain, Hillary seemed uncomfortable taking the hate road. Let's hope McCain comes to his senses and tries to live up to his empty "Country First" slogan.

We can't let this irresponsible rhetoric continue on our watch. Here's what YOU can do to hold McCain and Palin accountable.

Partner with Senator Kerry by fighting the smears here and join Obama's smear watchdog group here.

We are the change we've been waiting for.