Ok. Enough already. I am so tired of hearing about bathrooms. I could quote statistics, but for those who really believe their sons and daughters are going to be raped in a public bathroom by a transgender person it is pointless. In fact, there's been a myth out there for years about rapes in public bathrooms, whether by transgender, gay, or straight.


It's simply not true.

Most sexual assaults happen in the home. Parking lots are high on the list, also. The majority of victims know their assailants.

What is driving this insanity over bathrooms and transgender people is fear. Fear of the unknown is very real. If you have never met someone who looks like a male but identifies themselves as a woman, (or vice versa), it must be almost impossible to understand, let alone relate.

But, I promise you, you have a much better chance of being assaulted by a heterosexual that you know than any transgender person.

I've known some transgender people and, in my opinion, they are the least likely to be aggressive. When your mind and emotional being does not relate to your physical body you tend to be more self-conscious than aggressive.

Can you imagine the struggle through puberty? We all thought puberty was somewhat life changing, right? But, what if you are going through that transition and not relating to the person you see in the mirror?

Granted, some transgender people know from a very early age they are not mentally and physically the same as people think they are. I applaud the parents of those kids, who don't question or try to change their children into who they are not.

God, or the universe if you prefer, is not infallible when it comes to this biological confusion. But, maybe it is part of the master plan.

Who are we to judge? Why do people think anyone who's different than themselves are the odd ones?

Of course, most of those who have their undies in a bunch over this are the most judgmental on the planet anyway. They are the ones who demean those who cheat on their spouse until we discover they've been screwing their way through a brothel for twenty years. Or worse, their neighbor.


How many priests and bible thumping preachers have been caught sexually abusing children? CHILDREN!

All the while exposing only their squeaky clean veneer to society. Until they get caught.

It's the rigid and holier than thou who are usually the ones to fear.

What set me off on this today was an article about a woman who marched her TWELVE children through Target, literally thumping her Bible, and screaming about 'the devil raping your children', and the 'homosexual perverted agenda'.

My heart breaks for those kids while I continue to applaud Target for refusing to back down.

It's time for all sane people to stand up and speak out.

My grandfather was a Southern Baptist minister. I loved him dearly but, he scared me to death in church. They all did. Even at the age of five I knew something was wrong with all the vile accusations in a place of worship.

More than once you would see people leaving church all riled up and looking for the evil doers. It can be like inciting a riot.

I believe God, Buddha, and the Dalai Lama, are the right examples for us all to follow. We need to love and accept each other for our differences as well as our commonalities.

We need to Stop the Hate!

All opinions here are mine, but you are welcome to contribute yours in the comments.