Stop The Injustice: Free Gary McKinnon

If you read the Guardian, then you know already that the screaming injustice that is about to be perpetrated on Scottish computer hacker Gary McKinnon has taken another step toward the cruel and unusual. McKinnon is a 43-year-old man from North London who, in 2001 and 2002, hacked into US military computers, looking for evidence of visitors from other planets. He was extremely successful, not only because he was a smart guy, but also because, as he said in messages left on the victim computers, "Your security is crap." McKinnon, as one might assume of a guy who spends his time in his room looking for evidence of space aliens, has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. He is terrified of coming to the US and being thrown into a high security American prison for sixty years. As well he should be. American officials have reassured his mother that he will be taken care of -- but hey, you know how reliable American officials are about taking care of the vulnerable, don't you? No wonder McKinnon is said to be suicidal.

But the mental illness does not belong to Gary McKinnon, it belongs to the US military, which has pursued McKinnon ruthlessly in order to punish and destroy him. They should have pursued him in order to hire him because, guess what? Their security was crap. He cost them $700,000! About one fifth the price of a nice apartment in Manhattan. Nothing! A day's pay for Blackwater! If they had hired McKinnon as a consultant, they might have learned something, and improved both their security and their international relations.

In Britain, the media dogs are barking because the English government has gone along with extraditing McKinnon like the sick puppies they are -- Iraq? Sure! You have no reason to invade? Well, make one up, we'll help ya! So even while the Iraq inquiry is going on, they are allowing the US to drag this guy kicking and screaming to the exact place where he most fears going.

You've got to ask yourself why the US thinks this is a big deal. It's because they don't care as much about security as they do about humiliation and embarrassment. Now that's what I call mental illness! We'll show this helpless little guy what the might of the US feels like! We can't win a war to save our lives, no matter how we try, but we sure can drive a guy with Asperger's to suicide. The US government from Obama on down should being falling over themselves to show this guy some mercy and put him on the payroll (he can work from home). But no. Why do people hate us? Well, take a look.

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