Stop This Glorification Of Pirates In Our "Culture!"

Stop This Glorification Of Pirates In Our "Culture!"
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That's the Jolly Roger, the tradtional flag of pirates.

In our pop culture, we've been seeing a lot of romanticism about pirates. Tomorrow is "Talk Like A Pirate Day." And the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films have grossed more than $1.6 billion worldwide.

Yes, I know it is only entertainment, and a campy sort as that, but why the hell are we romanticizing the deeds and cadence of pirates?

I'll say this just once. Pirates were, and are, bad people. Then and now. They were- and are- bandits, terrorists of the sea.

"Piracy is robbery committed at sea, or sometimes on the shore, by an agent without a commission from a sovereign nation. One who commits piracy by engaging in robbery, pillaging, or plundering at sea is known as a pirate."

Pirates have and are being romanticized for their bravado, teamwork and daring-do. But the pop culture meisters as well as a good number of pop culture consumers seem to forget that these "virtues" were exhibited in the process of thievery and other criminality.

But I have news for you too. I can think of lots of bad people who exhibit teamwork and collective balls. Bank robbers, gang members, and yes, terrorists. But it does not make them worthy of emulation.

Sheesh, man. What's next? "Talk Like A Crip Day?"

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