Stop Waiting, Start Creating


(excerpt from Lisa's new 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' book, released on Kindle - 2 June 2016)

"Moments of creative transformation come not by thinking, but by being willing to receive the creative genius that is who we truly are. Creating comes with play, joy, magic, adventure, spontaneity and dynamic 'aha' moments. It comes quiet, soft and sweet, weaving its way into your world as you allow it the space to evolve. It comes with confidence, conscious awareness, collaboration, and sometimes confusion! It comes with knowing the unknown, and becoming present with the intangible. It comes intuitively, with a wordless clarity that can be interpreted in many subtle ways.

Creating is the essence of physically expressing you on planet earth. It's the energy of what you do and be in every moment, whether you acknowledge this or not. Every single thing in your world was created... by you, by your choices, by your engagement with everything and everyone around you.

If you'd like any part of your life or your world to be different, you start by creating and generating new possibilities. Whether you are reading this book because what you have is not enough, or you are secretly tired of languishing in the false sense of security that is your comfort bubble, or you just know there has to be more enjoyable ways of creating your dreams and desires, this book offers a plethora of ideas, tools and techniques for creating the difference you are asking for.


Do you recall your capacity for creation as a child? Did you ever go without what you truly desired? Or did you always find a way forward? Did you embrace the magic of this planet and beyond, until you were ridiculed for your fantasies and fairy friends? Did you delight in getting your hands dirty, in creating with whatever materials found their way to you? Did you engage in the creation of other worlds through video games? Did you read books to immerse yourself in stories more exciting than your life? All of this was your desire for creation, bursting out of you in whatever way it could.

If this wasn't your childhood, it's not too late to have something even more wonderful. Even if your desire to create was squashed out of you with your first breath, you can invite your creative energies to play in any moment. Our history of creating can only include limitations if we allow that to be so. The story is just the story. Right now you have choice to create! You can create the 'same same' you've always had... or the 'same same but one degree different'... or you can expand your possible futures by inviting your unique differences to show up in every moment. You get to choose! Today! Now!

I am grateful for growing up in playful environments where I was encouraged to create new adventures every day. Grateful that my parents made us create the money for everything we wanted, even from a young age (and even if it wasn't so much fun at the time!). Grateful that I learned there is always another way forward, even if I don't know what it is yet.

If you consider the creative environment you grew up in, there were always choices, always possibilities, always a different question you could ask. And yet, somewhere along life's journey, we stop those energies, instead putting our attention to what limits us, what paralyses us, what blocks us... buying the lie that we can't create, that we don't have what it takes and that we don't know how.

Even with my wildly creative childhood, there have been times I've embraced these kinds of lies as if they were real and true for me. No. They were the ways I allowed me to stop me. The ways I allowed me to be small, insignificant and impotent. The ways I hid my brilliance. The ways I pretended to be less than I am.

When I made the demand for all of that to change, my life once again became a generative, playful moment by moment adventure. It is this sense of wonder and delight that I invite you to in "Stop Waiting, Start Creating".


Every environment is creative because we are creative. When I lived with someone who was abusive, my creative capacities showed up in different ways to how they are when I'm living in happy spaces. Your environment does not stop you. You stop you. And that's what this book invites you to change!

It's not always easy to admit that we stop ourselves. We like to think it's because of something or someone else. That can only be true when we've given our creative capacities away in favour of making someone else happy. When we move beyond the desire to stop ourselves from creating, literally anything and everything becomes possible.

Every day amazing possibilities show up in my world that were not part of my reality when I was allowing others to determine my creative choices. Bliss shows up when we show up. Bliss shows up when our presence becomes greater than the distractions we allow ourselves to inhabit as if they are real. We can create like dinosaurs responded to change (and you know what happened to them!), or we can create with the nimbleness and acuity of a bee.

What would be different if you would create like a bee? Never allowing anything to distract you from pollinating the blooming blossoms that your creations can become. Making it possible for this planet to thrive with your ideas. Bringing your specific gifts into the world in ways that only you can. Nurturing yourself so that you can continue to produce the flavoursome creations that you do. Knowing exactly which flower to create with next and knowing when to move on. Changing the world with the tiniest flap of your amazing wings. Being the magic that shows others how the impossibility of flying is simply a myth you buy until the moment you set yourself free. If a bee can fly beyond its physical limits, so can you!

You might have already noticed this book is different. I am different. I mostly use both left and right brains which creates some very different perspectives. Sometimes people look at me oddly because my brain has a gift for extrapolation. I see connections and ideas where others do not! Maybe you have a different way of creating too! Are you ready to embrace all of your creative capacities? Even the ones other people make wrong?

For a long time I tried to create like other people think is 'right' i.e. logical and orderly and linearly. It didn't really work for me and as soon as I started my businesses, I reverted to creating my way! Each of us has different ways of creating. There isn't one 'right' way. There is just your way.

Throughout this book you need to ask questions like 'Is this relevant to me?' and 'How do I do this different?' and 'What is MY way of creating this?' And as we go forward you'll probably enjoy a few reminders of ways you love to create, that you've given up because of someone else's point of view! Most of us stop creating because our ways of creating have been made wrong. When we stop, we paralyse ourselves, creating inertia and limiting what is truly possible."


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