Stop Working Longer Hours! Start Working Wiser Hours!

If you're so overwhelmed by your schedule, your fab talent gets reduced to low-level, disorganized, shlock work!
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I know scientists insist the world is spinning at the same speed as it spun millions of years ago -- but, I think it feels like the world is moving faster and faster.

So much to do! Every day I have a list of 20 things to do -- with only time to do 10 things -- and yet I seem to squoosh in 30 things.

How? Below are some of my helpful time management tips -- some true goodies!

And remember: Your ability to time manage can make or break your career! After all, if it doesn't matter how fabulously talented you are, if you don't have the time to show off your fabulous talent to others -- or -- if you're so overwhelmed by your schedule, that your fab talent gets reduced to low-level, disorganized, shlock work!

1. Get a day planner - and plan realistically. This means you must break every task into three realistic acts (Act 1: organize task, Act 2: do task, Act:3 revise task).

2. Label all tasks Mild (or M), Spicy (or S), or Hot (H). Do your H's in your morning, to be sure they get done.

3. Refuse to do any task, unless it's written on your list and rated. Your goal: Creating lists and remaining organized must become your natural habit. The reward: In studies, consistently people who make lists have the highest percentage of goal accomplishment -- and are also rated happier -- because each crossing-off of your list increases your self esteem -- which thereby increases your mood! Truly that's true!

4. Refuse small talk. Embrace short talk. Keep all conversations to under 15 minutes. Keep in mind a single goal focus for all calls.

5. When doing any action, do it interruption-free, until it's done.

6. Face the facts: Multitasking decreases productivity instead of increasing it! Try to only do one action step at a time.

7. Slow down to speed up. Do your action steps carefully and lovingly -- so you get things done fabulously the first time -- avoiding re-do's and embarrassment.

8. Bundle similar tasks to keep flow a-flowin'. (For example, answer all emails at same time.)

9. Try to only "touch" an email once. Once read, respond at the speed of life -- so you don't keep re-re-re-reading the same email!

10. Try to limit reading/responding to emails to only once every 2 hours -- instead of hundreds of scattered times throughout the day.

11. Wake up 30-60 minutes earlier. Use this time to work out -- so you'll be more speedy and cocky, and thereby more productive. Or use this hour to do M, S, or H tasks you've been avoiding.

12. Try not to perform tasks where you can hire someone for less money per hour than you cost.

13. Practice that tongue twister, "no." (Man, is that word hard to say sometimes!)

14. If after a week, you still feel the time is being sucked out of your day, start a log. Assess your time suckers (email, calls, reports, meetings). Vow to dump those suckers!

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