Blogger Who Stopped Using Soap And Shampoo Calls Decision 'The Most Liberating Thing Of My Life' (VIDEO)

Richard Nikoley showers every day, but it's been more than four years since his showers came with soap and shampoo.

HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd hosted a discussion about personal hygiene, tackling long-debated questions like whether a washcloth or loofah is best or how important soap actually is. Nikoley, who blogs for, said he's doing just fine without most body-cleansing products.

"I have been over four years now, almost going on five, with not using any shampoo on my hair nor soap on my body, just water," he said. "I may take several showers a day, but it's only with water, and it has been the most liberating thing of my life. Travel is easy."

Nikoley has continued using deodorant, which he said is important because of the "social aspect" that comes along with wearing it. But he still travels incredibly light when it comes to personal products.

"When I travel, it's a toothbrush and my Old Spice," he said. "In fact, I usually don't even use toothpaste because just the dry brush actually cleans your teeth way better than using paste."

See the full conversation about personal hygiene choices at HuffPost Live HERE:



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