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If Storage And Closets Make Your Heart Sing With Joy, Then These Are The Cities For You (PHOTOS)

Well, now we know where we're moving to.

Storage and closet space isn't a luxury that most New Yorkers can afford. Instead, most city-dwellers are doomed to squeezing their clothing, shoes and accessories into a joke of a storage area.

Interestingly, Jonathan J. Miller, the president of Miller Samuel, a real estate appraisal company, told The New York Times that "in general, regular closets are 3 by 5 feet, while walk-in closets are 5 by 8 feet." How does yours measure up to these averages?

Well, apparently not all Americans are as space-starved as New Yorkers. Apartment Guide analyzed rental listings from across the country by square footage and determined the top ten cities for large closets and storage space. Read through the list, and let us know if you're dressing room is represented accurately ... or if you're ready to pack up and move.

1. Phoenix, AZ

2. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

3. Kansas City-Lawrence, MO

4. Omaha, Lincoln, NE

5. Houston, TX

6. Atlanta, GA

7. Salt Lake City, UT

8. Denver-Boulder, CO

9. Sacramento, CA

10. Triangle, NC (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill)

Check out our slideshow below for some amazing closets that we totally wish were ours:


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