8 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

No space, no problem.

We dream that one day, we’ll have a home with a massive master bedroom and loads of storage space. But until then, we’re just making our tiny dwellings work.

Below you’ll find clever storage ideas that make the most of modest bedroom space. Everyone who’s ever lived in a dorm knows about lofting a bed to fit storage bins underneath, so we’ve gathered some ideas you may not have seen a million times. There’s nothing on here we wouldn’t do, or aren’t currently doing ourselves, so none of these suggestions skimp out on style.

“Making it work” doesn’t just mean MacGyver-ing until all your belongings fit. It means actually liking ― no, loving ― the room you sleep in.

Get creative with pretty hooks
Make a style statement with a grouping of interesting hooks that also serve a practical purpose. Sure, you can hang up hats and jackets, but also delicate and chunky necklaces.

Anthropologie Triplicate hook, left, $48 and B&W Wall Hook, $18
Opt for a floating night table
Minimalists at heart should scrap a typical nightstand for a floating version instead. You'll save space and still have a shelf that holds the essentials, like a book, alarm and glass of water.

Urbansize Floating Bedside Table, $122.28
Find a slim armoire
Invest in a thin, well-designed armoire, a utilitarian piece of furniture that doesn't have to take up a ton of space. The example above is only 35.5 inches wide and 19 inches deep, but includes three shelves, a clothing rod and two drawers. Since research shows that we only wear 20 percent of our wardrobe anyway, stock a slim armoire with the clothing you really reach for every morning. Then store the rest somewhere else and rotate out each season.

South Shore Acapella Armoire, $276.99
Buy a storage bed
If you're in the market for a new bed, do yourself a favor and buy one with built-in storage. This affordable option from Wayfair is just one of many relatively affordable versions on the market.

South Shore Platform Bed, $319.99
Hang up a pretty laundry bag
A laundry bag on the wall? Yes, if it's pretty, because then it becomes décor. This crocheted laundry bag is a funky alternative to a hamper, which takes up precious floor space.

Neide's Boutique Storage Basket, $25.20
Invest in a bench with storage
Buy a storage bench if you're in the market for more seating space. Benches look good at the end of a bed, and when you're in a rush to clean up -- well, let's just say you're not alone if everything gets tossed inside when you're harried. Better yet, put the bench to even more work by using it as a place to store shoes.

Belham Living Camille Upholstered Backless Storage Bench, $139.98
Buy a headboard with storage space
Many people with tiny bedrooms don't have space for a headboard. But if you do, find one with built-in shelves to store books, decor and accessories.

Ikea Brimnes Headboard, $130
Swap floor lamps for hanging lights
Hanging lights save so much space over a floor or table lamp. You can pull this move for overhead lighting, too, neatly fastening the cord to the wall.

Hangout Lighting Custom Bedside Lamp Diamond Cage, $79

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