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Store: 5 Photo Accessories That'll Help Capture Your Summer In A Snap

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If you’re lucky, your summer plans include a few special experiences — things like vacations, music festivals or outdoor adventures. But even if you’re just hanging around your own backyard, you’ll definitely want to capture the highlights. The problem is, your smartphone camera doesn’t always do your experiences justice.

These five innovative photography accessories will really help you immortalize the magic of your summer adventures. From rugged action cameras to interchangeable lenses, you’ll be able to relive your most epic experiences ― and add them to your Instagram feed.

While your smartphone packs a powerful camera, it’s just a little too fragile to take with you hiking, mountain biking or bungee jumping. This budget-friendly GoPro alternative, however, can withstand all of your more extreme outings this summer. Designed specifically for outdoor adventuring, the All Pro HD Waterproof Action Camera features an impressive 12 MP HD wide-angle lens, an IPX68 waterproof rating, and three hours of battery life.

Get this rugged HD camera for just $40 — 73% off retail value and way cheaper than the GoPro.

All Pro HD Waterproof Action Camera + Accessory Pack - $39.99

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Whether you’re looking to document your summer vacation, capture epic moments on a hike or just snap some gorgeous selfies, this ingenious accessory adds six new lenses to your iPhone X. There’s a front-facing wide-angle lens for selfie mode, a 120-degree wide angle lens for landscape shots, a 2x telephoto lens for better zoom, a 180-degree fisheye lens for funky wide-angle shots, and 10x and 20x macro lenses to take mega-detailed photos. And all you have to do to switch lenses is slide over the one you want.

Usually $70, you can slash 14% off the ShiftCam 2.0 and get it for $60 right now.

ShiftCam 2.0: 6-in-1 Lens Travel Set & Front-Facing Lens - $59.99

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If you’re traveling abroad this summer and want to share your trip with your friends, family, or followers, the Insta360 Nano S iPhone VR Camera is a pretty awesome way to do so. Weighing in at just 16 ounces, this device just clips onto your phone and lets you capture everything around you. You’ll get futuristic 360-degree video in 4K resolution and can start recording with just one touch. Another touch and you can easily livestream, video chat or share your footage through social media or text.

You can pick up this nifty VR camera for $199, down 16% from the usual price of $239.

Insta360 Nano S iPhone VR Camera - $199

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The MOZA Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal puts other gimbals to shame. Not only does it stabilize your phone for buttery smooth shots, but it also ensures your phone stays juiced up while you film. There are eight different follow modes for capturing cinematic motions, plus a companion app with all sorts of professional photo and video settings. Whether your summer itinerary involves mountain climbing or climbing into bed, this gimbal will make it seem like it’s straight out of a movie.

Pick up the multitasking MOZA Mini-MI for $95, 13% off its usual price of $110.

MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal - $94.99

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Unlock amazing photography possibilities with this pocket-sized 360-degree 4K Action Camera by Insta360. You can either plug it into your Lightning port, connect through Bluetooth or use it as a handheld device, and it becomes a tool with which you can shoot, share and livestream incredible 360-degree footage in 4K. Its equipped with the ability to film hyper-lapses and slow motion “bullet time” shots, and even boasts “FlowState” and SmartTrack technologies for hypnotically smooth, stable footage.

Usually $299, the Insta360 ONE 4K Action Camera is on sale for $240 for a limited time.

Insta360 ONE 4K Action Camera - $239.99

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