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Looking to learn a new language before your vacation abroad this summer? Don’t sit in a classroom focusing on rote memorization. Try Mondly, an innovative app that fast tracks you to becoming a native speaker in a way that actually works.

Most foreign language courses fail to teach students how to actually speak the language. Instead, they focus on repeating the same basic words and phrases rarely used in everyday conversations, making you sound like a robot. Honestly, how many times a day do you say “the dog is brown” or sing the days of the week? Exactly. Mondly takes a different approach by using state-of-the-art speech recognition and a conversation-focused curriculum.

You’ll learn the correct pronunciation of words and phrases you’ll actually use by conversing with native speakers. The app will only give you positive feedback if you pronounce things clearly and correctly. That way, you’ll actually feel confident in speaking your new language, not just reading or writing it. Yay, no more robot talk!

Of course, you’ll also get the essentials, like a dictionary and verb conjugator to help you along the way. Those with Android phones can even practice their language skills IRL using MondlyAR functionality. Stick with the program and you’ll be leading the way on your summer vacation.

Oh, and with Mondly’s lifetime subscription, you aren’t limited to learning just one language. You can choose five languages from their list of 33 — including English, French, German, and Italian to Czech, Greek, Russian and Japanese — to learn in your own native tongue on your own time.

A lifetime subscription to Mondly would usually cost you $1,200, but you can sign up now on HuffPost Stuff and kickstart infinite language learning for just $69.99 — 94% off retail value. If the five language package isn’t what you had in mind, check out the packages for one language for only $39.99, or the three languages option for $59.99.

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