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Store: Step Up Your Oral Hygiene With This Self-Cleaning Toothbrush

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This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but your toothbrush is pretty disgusting. And if you store it in the bathroom, like most of the population, it’s probably contaminated with fecal germs (ew, right?) and millions of other bacteria. You’re supposed to trade it out at least every three months, but most of us either forget or don’t want to be wasteful. So, what’s the alternative?

Fortunately, we are in the golden age of oral hygiene. Not only are smart toothbrushes popping up everywhere, there are also ones that actually clean themselves, like the TAO Clean Sonic Toothbrush & Cleaning Station.

This innovative electric toothbrush uses sonic technology and 40,000 gentle strokes per minute to remove food particles and keep teeth looking blindingly white. Plus, it comes with a cleaning base that looks like a space station and eliminates up to 99.99% of brush germs. When you finish brushing, just stick your brush upside-down into the station, and its powerful UV-C rays will kill any disgusting gunk that may have accumulated.

With the TAO Clean Sonic Toothbrush, it’s like you’re using a new toothbrush every day. But in reality, you only have to pay for one. So you’re saving money, eliminating waste, and, you know, not putting millions of gross bacteria in your mouth every day.

Normally, this system costs $129, but right now it’s on sale for just $70. You’ll get three brush heads, the Sonic Toothbrush, and the cleaning station in your choice of either black, white or rose gold.

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TAO Clean Sonic Toothbrush & Cleaning Station - $69.99

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This article was written by Christina Buff on behalf of HuffPost Finds.