Meet The Whiskey-Fueled Stormtroopers (From A Distillery Far, Far Away)

Who knew they could dance like MJ?

These whiskey-swilling Stormtroopers are taking Instagram by, errr, storm.

They crack open bottles, defend their alcohol from evil forces and even dance like Michael Jackson in a series of wonderful images that their own Dark Lord, the Scotch Trooper, posted online.

The 37-year-old web developer from Atlanta, Georgia, began adding “Star Wars” characters to his whiskey pictures around two years ago.

And his impressive work is now going viral:

These are the Whiskies we were looking for. One for you, and one for me. #Glenfiddich #StarWars #starwarsblackseries

A photo posted by Scotch Trooper (@scotch_trooper) on

Scotch Trooper, whose real name is Brett, refused to reveal his full identity to The Huffington Post -- perhaps in keeping with the anonymity of his images' stars.

But he did say the project came about organically, through combining two of the things he loves -- "Star Wars" and whiskey.

Speaking to Mashable, he said he'd been collecting the figures since he was just 4-years-old and went to see "Return of the Jedi."

It's an older style design... Kinda like us. #HighlandPark #HighlandParkWhisky #HP12 #starwarsblackseries #StarWars

A photo posted by Scotch Trooper (@scotch_trooper) on

So yeah, good question. Now what? #StarWars #StarWarsBlackseries #Lagavulin #Lagavulin200 #LoveScotch

A photo posted by Scotch Trooper (@scotch_trooper) on

Look sir, a black bottle. We must tell Lord Vader. #StarWars #StarWarsToys #starwarsblackseries #BlackBottle

A photo posted by Scotch Trooper (@scotch_trooper) on

Enjoying a dram is always best with friends. #MonkeyShoulder #StarWars

A photo posted by Scotch Trooper (@scotch_trooper) on

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