Stormy Daniels Cancels On Strip Club Owner Who Allegedly Used Homophobic Slur

"I do not respond well to bullies," the porn actress wrote on Instagram about the owner of the Florida club.

Stormy Daniels said she backed out of a planned performance at a Florida nightclub over the weekend after the owner blasted her assistant with an anti-gay slur.

The porn actress and stripper described the alleged incident in a Saturday Instagram post alongside a photo that showed her standing outside of Goldfinger, the club in Sunrise, Florida, with her middle finger raised. She told the Miami Herald the club’s managers had asked her to perform in the club’s “VIP room,” which had not been specified in her contract.  

“I will NOT be performing at Goldfingers tonight because the owner called my assistant a ‘fucking faggot’ after asking me to do something not in my contract,” Daniels wrote in a post that had received more than 8,400 likes as of Monday afternoon. “That kind of abuse will not be tolerated ... When are dipshits gonna learn that I do not respond well to bullies?”

When a follower suggested Daniels should’ve gone ahead with the show for the fans, she responded, “I’m very sorry to those who paid to see me tonight but keep in mind that I forfeited a $6800 paycheck by doing what I felt was the right thing to do for someone I care about.”

“We are sad to announce that Stormy Daniels will not be performing at the club,” Goldfinger posted on Facebook on Friday. “She has decided not to be featured at our club and has both ruined a great party and disappoint [sic] her fans.”

The message continued, “We hope you’ll stop by, for our amazing staff and girls who are always here and never let you down.”

Replying to a commenter later, Goldfinger called Daniels’ claim “fabricated.”

“The breach of contract is on Ms. Daniels the reason for her departure is a small one and to save face she fabricated a story about the use of a homophobic remark by one of our staff members As a reason for her departure,” a comment from the club read. “Our owners, managers and staff firmly disapprove of use of any hate speech to any person, regardless of race, gender, creed and sexual orientation.”

HuffPost has reached out to Goldfinger for additional comment regarding the incident. 

Daniels, who alleges she had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006, has previously spoken about her love of the LGBTQ community. A gay California couple, Keith Munyan and J.D. Barrale, have ― until recently ― been among Daniels’ biggest supporters.