Stormy Daniels Says Michael Cohen Is 'Dumber Than Herpes,' Dreads A 2020 Trump Win

"I can’t escape this guy," the porn star and director told a crowd in Washington, D.C., of Trump's former lawyer.

Stormy Daniels is lamenting that she “can’t escape” from President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen because he’s always on television.

“I can’t escape this guy. He’s like herpes,” the adult film star said during a talk at The Wing, a women’s coworking space in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

Daniels later added that she believes Cohen is “actually dumber, dumber than herpes.”

Daniels previously sued Cohen to void a nondisclosure agreement she’d signed that barred her from speaking about her alleged affair with Trump in 2006. That lawsuit was thrown out by a judge earlier this month and deemed irrelevant.

As for Cohen, he is slated to begin a three-year prison sentence in May after pleading guilty to federal campaign finance violations. Those violations include hush money payments to Daniels and another woman who claims she had sexual encounters with the president. Trump denies those allegations.

Daniels also slammed her own former lawyer Michael Avenatti, who pulled a “you can’t fire me, I quit” move in separating with her, she said.

Alongside her new lawyer, Clark Brewster, “it’s about to get real fucking good,” she told the crowd. 

Shifting gears away from lawyers, another topic Daniels addressed in her talk was her fear that Trump could win re-election.

As she assured the crowd she’d be voting in 2020, Daniels said that she vacillates between feeling like 2020 is going to be “amazing” and ... not amazing.

“Some days I’m like, ‘There’s no way — this is gonna be amazing,’” she said. “Other days I’m like, ‘This motherfucker’s going to win again.’”