Story time!

I will admit I like getting stuff done. I love the gratitude, excitement and often relief I feel when I attain a goal. Don’t you?

Of course you do! We all love results and finishing things!

However in our doing-doing-doing world sometimes we become so addicted to catching the fish that we do not enjoy the process of fishing.  This metaphor will make more sense after the story I share with you.

The cliff note version of the story is that my client was running on the beach and noticed a bunch of old men fishing but none of them seemed particularly invested in catching any fish.  They had little fishing equipment; just a bunch of old men standing in the sand wearing shorts and t-shirts looking out at their fishing line. Finally he asked one of them what they were fishing for and the man's reply solved the riddle: “Aww son we never actually catch anything, that isn't the reason I’m here – it is just a nice way to start the day, it gets me out of the house and I enjoy the sunrise.

These are some very soulful fisherman because they understand that although their ego may want to catch a fish, their soul enjoys the process and savors the moment of the sunrise.

I encourage you to look at how much time you actually spend enjoying the process and the moments in your life. Your ego gives you a pat on the back when you reach an outcome but do not leave out the soulful celebration of the journey that got you there.



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