The Village and the Box: Chapter 1

The Village and the Box: Chapter 1
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Once upon a time, there was a village who unknowingly slept under the spell of enchantment that poured through a Box. Powerful magicians prayed before the Luminosity, a group of proclaimed elite, whom thought themselves better and of right, to receive the incantations through which the boxes cast spells and brought the Villagers to slumber.

The magicians and Luminosity referred to these prescribed spells as the "protocols." Villagers were affectionately referred to by the elite and magicians as "the Idiots." Each protocol had the power to control feelings and thoughts. Thus knew the Luminosity, would Villagers' actions soon follow of their bidding.

Not all in the village fell under the spell. The Adventurers, as they were called, followed the Within-voice and found little interest in which that of the Box did speak. Later, we will learn of their courage and great mission.

The Box projected great glamour and brought pleasure to the Villagers, as they excitingly watched the fame and misfortune of others. Each night, the wizards and witches, another group of magicians, were allowed to sell potions to Villagers through the Box. Potions, so spoke the Box, helped Villagers to release the great distress that came birth, upon which the box was first seen. The more distressed and sick the Villagers became, the more exciting of protocols did they demand.

Villagers who once took joy in the caring for others, the silence of nature, the company of their Still-thoughts, who shared in the dream of a Better-morrow, now withdrew from cross-talk and lived in caution about one another. The Box was now their new friend through which comfort was found. It directed them where to think. Things, to the Villagers, were now simple to understand.

In the village, where once people took pride in knowledge, deep Self-time and spirited debate, now found time for squabbling over the most shallow of stories; they shouted tales about the winnings of sporting teams and bragged over whom which they sided as the most famed. Such was the goal of which the Luminosity did seek and bring to so. The disquieting peace to which the Box did serve, pulled most constantly at the mind of the Villagers, while cleverly challenging few to think.

The horrible, tragic, vulgar and profane was now fashioned as sweet, exciting and of-the-creative, through the protocols of the Box. Small-ones gathered around the Box, without the care of the elders. The Luminosity found great pride in knowing such. Parents who once stood in loving protection toward the dreams of their children, now sat side-by-side with their beloved to watch with excitement, the greatest of horrors and sufferings conjured up by the magicians.

Righteous, spoke the box of elders of whom brought loving-reign to the will of the youth. From hence, did the young people learn of Low-speak and give scornful lip for those of more wise. Deafening was the rhythmic beat of music to which the youth so longed. Great was the distress of such excitement. Damage to their souls did such make and the wheels of the Within-light could turn no more. Dance which once brought poem, liberty and beauty to the body, now found entrapment with the Dark-rhythms. Mindless movements of the walking Small-natures, chaos and emotion without heart, was now such found.

Trickery and cleverness of the Box's protocols did seduce willful Villagers to bring to skin images of the defamed and evil, thus they could make righteous speak of rebellion and creativity without soul. While at slumber, knew they not, the images did come to life and speak to the Sleeping-mind of worlds both fearful and of great confusion. Such was the deception of the Luminosity and the fashion they did make.

The dark and most harmful, said the Box, was to which the Villagers and youth were to pray. The purchasing of potions, said the Box, brought Self-pride and moments of good thoughts. Few knew not, such potions found sickness with the Soul-self. In such pain, showed the box, that drink of Wild-mind and Smoke-of-Cancer, could bring comfort and friendship of shallow-short-time.

The truth of words was the greatest of trickery, of which the protocols did make. The Luminosity, by well design and great hiding, made perverse the lower word to the Divine and the higher word to the defamed. Confusion did result from this hiding and deceit. Thus came forth, the spackling of blood, from something murdered or sacrificed, was called a "blessing." And, to speak of the most sane of Light-persons, who were of Knowing "they could choose," instead, were they named of crazy, "the Heretic." Thus did make the Luminosity, the world of thought and creation, into that of upside down. Such was the great wizardry and spell to which was cast. Spoke, as the Villagers did, the opposite was soon to create.

Adventurers to the contrary, spoke to a listening that brought great wisdom, love and knowledge. Confused no more, did they speak. New words they proclaimed did come from the Now-moment. Great was the declared of their most deep Heart-desire and thus was made so. Powerful, clear and of peace did those feel who stood in the presence of the Adventurers.

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