Bill Walton Went On An On-Air Rant Against The War On Drugs: ‘An Absolute Failure Across the Board'

Go Bill.

Bill Walton is a basketball legend. He’s also known for supporting the general concept of marijuana. And on Wednesday, he did that once more.

While calling a Washington-Oregon college basketball game, Walton took up the topic of Robert Upshaw, a center for Washington who was recently dismissed from the basketball program. Upshaw reportedly failed a drug test while at the school, but the official reason for the dismissal remains unknown.

And Walton -- who enjoys marijuana, according to an entirely objective news source known as High Times -- went off on the NCAA, the War on Drugs and basically whoever else stood in his way:

"You know how I talk every week and complain about the NCAA not modernizing the rules? Thats another rule they've got to modernize. This whole war on drugs has been an absolute failure across the board. Somebody's got to step forward. And we're looking for Obama to step up and say, 'Why are we punishing people for things that are legal? Why are people languishing in jail for things that are legal?'"

His announcing partner, the creationist Dave Pasch, noted that the official reason for the dismissal remains unknown:

“Well, you’re assuming. We don’t know what violation of team rules he committed. You’re assuming he committed a violation for marijuana but thats not what [Washington coach] Lorenzo Romar has said.”

Walton was unfazed:

“Well, they can’t say anything because of privacy rules. But I can read! And I can ask people questions!”

Semi-related but unambiguously entertaining side-note: Almost exactly a year ago, these two guys had a pretty entertaining conversation about the potential for Walton to have some fun in Washington when they ended up there. The state had recently legalized recreational marijuana. Get it?

What an amazing announcing team.

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