TSA Finds 'Stowaway' Dog In Someone's Bag At NYC's LaGuardia Airport (PHOTO)

TSA Finds 'Stowaway' Dog In Bag At Airport

Good thing this dog was discovered -- he may have been in for a ruff ride.

TSA agents at LaGuardia Airport found this intrepid pooch while searching a passenger's checked bag last week. According to an agency spokeswoman, the dog set off an "unknown-contents alarm," which prompted the search.

Once she was located and notified, the owner said her chihuahua must have "climbed in while [she] was packing her suitcase," according to a TSA release.

"[She] was shocked when we told her we had her dog," TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said.

We really, really, really, hope this woman didn't try to pack her dog in a suitcase.

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