Straight Girls Explain Having Lesbian Fantasies

Equality and representation have taken incredible leaps forward in recent years to upend the idea of a single straight line about sexuality. It’s becoming incredibly clear that sexuality isn’t a spectrum but a mosaic of experience. This image of a spectrum where things are either “this” or “that” is beginning to evaporate (at least in most of North America) and yet we’re still stuck with restrictive sexual identities.

In an effort to move beyond restrictive labels, assumptions, and paradigms, LGBTQ rights activist and YouTuber Arielle Scarcella is using a lesbian lens to explore creative ways to challenge not just gender roles, but other limiting social constructions as well. The video above shows that many straight women turn to other women to achieve sexual arousal. The women explain that you can still be straight and turned on by the idea of two women achieving arousal without being a lesbian.

Sexuality is an open range of experience that is often confusing, but you should never be ashamed to explore your sexuality. Throw away your preconceptions about what types of things you should or should not enjoy. You may learn something about yourself in the process.