Straight Guys Agree To Look At Dick Pics And What Happens Next Is Hilarious

"It’s clear that they’ve spent a long time thinking about dicks.”

Most gay men, by definition, enjoy seeing (and doing other things with) other men’s junk. Straight men, on the other hand, do not typically enjoy seeing (and doing other things) with other men’s junk.

Inspired by this distinct difference, YouTube fave Davey Wavey wondered what would happen if he found a group of straight men to offer their thoughts about a series of photos featuring other men’s genitalia.

The results are legitimately hilarious but also go a long way (at least anecdotally) to give us some insight into what these guys ― and perhaps, by extension, straight men as a broad population ― think about when confronted by a penis that is not their own.

“I’ve made 800+ LGBT-themed videos over that last ten years and this video, featuring four straight men, is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever filmed,” Wavey told The Huffington Post. “I was surprised by how much the straight guys had to say about each dick,” he added. “They really critiqued each picture, even commenting on angles and lighting. It’s clear that they’ve spent a long time thinking about dicks.”

So what do they think? Check out the video above to find out, but for Wavey, one thing is clear.

“I was struck by how impressed they were with the well-endowed images,” he said. “It further proves my theory that just about everyone (even straight guys) loves a big dick.”


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