Straight Guys On Fashion: Does Good Style Make Them More Attracted To A Woman?

Does having a good sense of fashion make you more or less attractive to men?

As fashion-loving ladies, we've thought about this often. We consider our good style sense an asset, just as we do our intellect, humor, ambition and the other traits that make us (and so many other women) awesome.

But, like many ladies before us, we've also questioned how much men care. This week, fashion consultant Natalie Joos mused on Jezebel on the importance of not appearing too "fashiony" on a date. Leandra Medine built an entire empire on the idea that many men don't understand women's love for avant garde -- or "man-repelling" -- style.

But are there men who truly appreciate a woman for her good fashion sense? We took an informal poll of the straight men in our lives and asked them: Does a girl's fashion sense factor into your attraction to her? Is being "stylish" as much of an attractive asset as being smart, funny, pretty or witty?

If you mean trendy, then no. That being said, a well-dressed woman who uses clothes as a way to enhance the beauty of her body rather than distract from it is certainly bound to be more attractive than a woman who doesn't.

For me, it's blah blah blah boobs.

Just be yourself. As long as they don't look like a wildling, I couldn't give a shit.

Yes, it does. Just as clothes can make the man, they can help make the woman. When a girl is well put together, it suggests attention to detail, conscientiousness, general social grace -- things that matter more than say the clothes themselves.

High-waisted pants are the devil. Fashion sucks and is a complete waste of money.

No. A T-shirt + low rise jeans is totally fine.

For me it's all how her personality compliments her style and how her style is an extension of her personality. You can rate each assets individually, but ultimately it's the sum of the parts that dictates the attractiveness of the whole.

It helps for sure. A woman in heels is much more attractive than a woman in in flip flops.

I like when a girl has good fashion sense, so long as it's her own and not carbon copied out of a magazine. I like a girl with style, but a girl who blindly follows fashion? Boring.

A girl who dresses well usually is more attractive relatively because she knows how to accentuate what she has going for her. Too much fashion can also be a negative. You don't want your girlfriend wearing Prada and Jimmy Choos (yes, I looked up those brands) to the movies.

I see fashion as an extension of personality... so yes, it factors in.

Yes, and maybe, kind of sort of. I don't think there's much of a rhyme or reason to who I'm attracted to.

I have no idea what fashion sense is. Like, I can kind of tell when someone is incredibly fashion conscious, but that's about it.

I think it plays a factor when I first meet someone because it gives me a snap judgement -- even if it's a completely incorrect one -- of whether we'll be compatible. But ultimately once we get past the first conversation, if I do find you smart, pretty, funny, witty and other adjectives, what you wear isn't as important.

A lady's personality has to be on top of the list -- Lindsay Lohan probably has some of the best clothes, but how many people want to go out with her?

Chicks can look hotter depending on their selection of clothes, so yes. I wouldn't say it'd be more of an attractive asset than actually being hot.

I think it's more likely to be a detriment than an asset. Don't want her spending my money on a bunch of clothes that, although celebrities can pull off, just make her look fat. That's a truism.

Guys care about the bigger picture -- how the girl is put together and how that looks on her -- while girls care more about what/who someone is wearing and how that specific piece factors into their wardrobe. Most guys don't know what store an article of clothing is from -- if it looks good, it looks good.

Attire is secondary to confidence. If a girl maintains a strong and aloof presence, she'll turn heads. In terms of style: accentuate curves, be able to walk in your shoes, and reveal just enough to pique the imagination, but not too much to evoke harlotry.

Fashion is a proxy for many other things we are attracted to in women, but no dude loves a girl's fashion sense independently.

Smart, funny, pretty and witty are all wonderful things. If a girl has good fashion sense, that would certainly be a turn-on as well. I have very little personal fashion sense, so maybe she could teach me some tricks. Basically this is a plea to a smart/funny/pretty/witty/stylish woman: Help make me fashionable! Also, I'm single, ladies... PLEASE LOVE ME!

What do you think: Is your fashion sense as important of an asset as the other traits that make you so wonderful and attractive? Hash it out in the comments below.

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