Straight Women Explain Why They Enjoy Watching Lesbian Porn

One of the world's great questions finally answered.

An answer to one of the world’s most burning questions is finally here: why is so much of lesbian porn consumed by women who identify as straight?

The latest video from popular lesbian YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella brings together a group of straight women to discuss why they enjoy watching lesbian porn.

Statistics have shown that most lesbian porn is consumed by straight women. While there are obviously many reasons why, Scarcella believes that it largely comes down to pleasure and the nature of sex between women.

“It’s easier for women to imagine themselves receiving pleasure when it’s more focused on the women in it, and there being two of them,” Scarcella told The Huffington Post. “And it’s usually more sensual rather than ‘in and out’ and done with when the guy comes.”

Scarcella has a rich history of producing videos that help explain the intricacies of life and experience among queer women. Head here to check out some of her previous projects.

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