Stranded Amtrak Passengers Order Pizza To Delayed Train

"Got hangry and problem solved."

An Amtrak train traveling from New York To Washington, D.C., was stuck on the tracks for hours on Sunday, prompting at least one passenger to think outside the box.

The train experienced technical difficulties during its route, leading it to stop and wait for a rescue train to take the passengers. The wait got so long that Twitter user @MitchKatz ordered pizza pies to the train.

“Got hangry and problem solved,” Katz wrote in a message posted to Twitter.

Meanwhile, some passengers still celebrated Mother’s Day.

Others had some beer.

According to folks onboard tweeting about their experiences, the train experienced “severe engine problems” and lost power. Amtrak sent two rescue trains to take customers on the rest of the journey, though some on Twitter said there were not enough seats for everyone.

BuzzFeed Legal Editor Chris Geidner was also on the train, and tweeted that he finally reached Washington roughly seven hours after leaving New York.

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