Stranded Dogs Will Be Shot in 3 Days

Animal rescue groups in New Orleans have just been told that they have three days to rescue all dogs before authorities start shooting them. Evidently, some of the shootings have already begun. As the Pasado Safe Haven site says, "Animal rescue groups were not allowed into the water until last Tuesday. To give us just another 72 hours to get a job of biblical proportions done is ludicrous. We are doing our best to beg for more time." The group adds that because the lines of communications are so poor, it's not clear exactly who can stop this order.

As Senator Rick Santorum recently said, in reference to an anti-puppy bill he co-sponsored, "Having pets makes for a healthy home. We have a responsibility to God's creatures." But now we're throwing them off the ark because the faster signs of life disappear, the easier it will be to get NOLA off the front page and - to use that idiotic phrase - move on. If it takes more than 72 hours to round up the strays, so what? To paraphrase Newt Gingrich, why can't America - the richest nation on the planet - figure out how to do this?

The other day, Matthew McConaughey rescued 50 dogs who were stranded in a clinic with a doctor who promised to stay with them until he no longer could. Now is the time for other dog-loving celebs - and concerned media types - to come forward, and do what it takes to prevent New Orleans from turning into Death Row for dogs. One more thing: animal shelters are overwhelmed and need everybody's help. Right now, send money to the Louisiana State U. School of Veterinary Medicine, which is taking in a lot of strays.

To monitor the situation and to read breaking news on this front, check here and here.

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