Stranger Donates One Direction Tickets To Girl With Cancer, Proves Giving Is The Best

Amanda Jaramillo is happy today for what at first might seem like an odd reason: She decided not to attend a sold-out One Direction concert in Phoenix Tuesday night, even though she's a huge fan and earned tickets by scouring Albuquerque in a four-day-long, city-wide scavenger hunt.

Instead, Jaramillo -- who could have sold her hard-won tickets for a sizable profit -- called CBS 5 in Phoenix and asked if they could find someone at the local children's hospital who should attend in her place.

That's how Estefania Canales, a 12-year-old girl who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May, ended up in Jaramillo's seats. Canales told CBS 5 she's always been a big One Direction fan, but knew her family couldn't afford the ticket prices.

Thanks to a stranger in Albuquerque, Estefania was able to attend her dream concert -- and just as her cancer went into remission, too.

Jaramillo told KRQE she has no regrets after seeing a photo of Estefania with the tickets. "When I saw the excitement on her face that’s when I knew I made the right choice," she said.

"To see that smile, that just meant the world to me," she added. "I saw the picture and I just started crying, that was ... amazing."

Estefania has one message for Jaramillo: "Thank you, thank you for giving me those tickets."



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