Anonymous Woman's Wonderful Act Of Kindness To 25 Firefighters Goes Viral

She secretly picked up their restaurant tab to thank them for their service.

An anonymous woman selflessly treated a group of about 25 hungry firefighters to a meal in Southern California on Saturday.

The unidentified woman secretly picked up the firefighters’ $355.22 tab at a Denny’s restaurant in Colton to show her appreciation for them battling a brush blaze in the nearby La Loma Hills.

The stranger also left a $50 tip and treated future crews who were expected to pass through the eatery to $100 worth of desserts. The firefighters only found out about her generosity when they went to settle the check.

More than 100 crew members from various local departments spent almost five and a half hours bringing the blaze, nicknamed “La Cadena,” under control.

The fire is believed to have begun at around 12:30 p.m. and at one point spread across 70 acres.

The Colton Fire Department shared details of the woman’s deed to Facebook and said it was “honored to serve the citizens of our communities.” Fellow Facebook commenters have also praised her action:

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