'Enjoy The Sweet Hubcap, Playa:' Man Leaves Hilarious Good Deed Note

They see me rollin', they [not] hatin'

This guy now has one fresh ride, all thanks to a kind stranger. 

After leaving work last week, Las Vegas resident Greg Bartlett walked out to the parking lot to find a stranger had replaced the missing hubcap on his car, and had also left a comical note explaining the kind act.

“The note was obvious as I walked up to the car, didn't even notice the hubcap was replaced,” Bartlett told The Huffington Post. “After reading the note it put a smile on my face and I went to the other side of the car to see my new hubcap. The traffic on the way home couldn't break my mood.”

Bartlett recently moved to Las Vegas from Georgia, and had lost the hubcap while on his journey. Because he parks in the same spot each day, Bartlett believes someone must have noticed the hubcap was missing and then brought a new one.

The generous stranger replaced the hubcap because they could empathize, as explained in the note, and happened to have spare hubcaps of the same model at home. 

“Enjoy the sweet hubcap playa,” the message concludes.

Bartlett shared the note on Imgur, where it has received more than 1.5 million views. 

“I think it says a lot about the kindness of strangers,” Bartlett told HuffPost. “I hope [this] story can make the world a happier place to live in light of all the recent news lately. Simple acts like this make can make a big difference on other people’s lives.”

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