'Stranger Things' Action Figures Are Coming Because It Was Destined

The tiny Eggo waffles are a nice touch.

Stranger Things” action figures are almost here.

Funko will release characters from the popular Netflix show in August, Mashable reported Sunday.

The company recently posted the dolls to its website in packs of three, featuring Eleven, Lucas, Mike, Will, Dustin and the Demogorgon. Some websites are selling the packs in the $19-20 range and alert customers of either an August or September shipping date.

A trio featuring Eleven shows her with a mini-box of Eggo waffles ― a favorite food of hers in the ‘80s-set supernatural thriller. She also appears out of the box gripping a waffle. Lucas, meanwhile, has his trusty slingshot at his side.

The Funko website features other “Stranger Things” collectibles such as key chains and big-headed versions of the characters.

A new season of “Stranger Things,” which will apparently be even scarier than the series’ first season, will premiere on Netflix Oct. 31. Star Gaten Matarazzo told HuffPost that the new season will even end on another cliffhanger.

HuffPost has reached out to Funko for more details.

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