Barb From 'Stranger Things' Received The Best Coffee Cup Message From A Barista

Spoiler alert.

Barb’s tragic disappearance from the “Stranger Things” universe is still a sore point for Canadian barista Abigail Bahnman.

So, when Shannon Purser — who played the ill-fated Barbara Holland on the Netflix sci-fi series — walked into the Vancouver Starbucks where Bahnman works this week, she wrote her a message of support:

Yes, Bahnman scribbled “Barb deserved better” onto Purser’s cup. Purser shared a snap of the message to Twitter, and it’s now going viral.

“Whenever an actor comes through that I know of and am a big fan of, I like to send them a little message as my way of fangirling silently and not making a scene,” Bahnman told HuffPost.

“I was definitely not expecting it go blow up and for all of Twitter to see it,” she added.

The message went down well on Twitter, where many people referenced the tongue-in-cheek “Justice for Barb” campaign, which swept the internet following the character’s untimely death in the first season of the show.

Starbucks even got involved:

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