'Stranger Things' Stars Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer Hit Red Carpet Together

The two looked pretty couple-ly. 💕

Two stars from “Stranger Things” have become red carpet official.

Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, who play love interests on Netflix’s sci-fi hit, were seen on the red carpet at the 2017 Fashion Awards in London, England, on Monday — and the duo looked pretty comfortable with each other.

They&rsquo;re standing <i>so</i> close to each other.
They’re standing so close to each other.

 Like … really comfortable. 

They&rsquo;re making eye contact!
They’re making eye contact!

Although some outlets report that the two are a couple, reps for Heaton and Dyer have not confirmed whether they’re dating. A request for comment from HuffPost was not immediately returned.

But just check out their hands here, guys.

They’re, like, touching.

It’s not the first time these two have turned the internet upside down with dating rumors.

In October, Heaton and Dyer were spotted holding hands in New York City. Then in November, they were photographed taking a romantic autumn stroll through Paris. Oh, la la.

Look at them sharing earbuds, people. EARBUDS. If that’s not a sign of true love, nothing is.

Steve Harrington must be so sad.

It’s OK, Steve, have some chicken.