'Stranger Things' Gift Ideas That Are Way Cooler Than A Box Of Eggos

Season 3 hits Netflix on July 4 — are you ready?

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If you know a "Stranger Things" fan, help them enjoy the season 3 premiere in style.
If you know a "Stranger Things" fan, help them enjoy the season 3 premiere in style.

Friends don’t lie, so when Netflix says it’s dropping the third season of its smash hit “Stranger Things” on July 4, we think it’s safe to believe it’s true.

The ’80s-inspired series has made us nostalgic for all things retro and there’s been a ton of fan merch popping up in anticipation for the new season, from handheld arcade games to Polaroid cameras.

If this news is synth music to your ears, you’re not alone. For the premiere of the second season in October 2017, I hosted a sleepover party complete with Eggo waffles and a vodka-packed Upside Down punch. My guests and I (OK, maybe it was just me and my best friend), stayed up until the season dropped at 2 a.m. and watched as many episodes as we could before falling asleep. We woke up the next morning and binged the remaining episodes before the sun went down.

That is to say, I consider myself a pretty big “Stranger Things” fan, so I know good fan merch when I see it. Whether you’re planning a viewing party worthy of Mike’s basement or want to surprise the mouth breather in your life with a bitchin’ gift, you don’t need to make a trip to Hawkins, Indiana, for suitable party favors. Below, we’ve gathered up 17 fun gift ideas for “Stranger Things” fans.

Take a look:

Lucas, Mike and Dustin Tote
Keep those groceries fresh with this stylin’ ‘80s-inspired tote. Find it on Amazon.
“She’s Our Friend and She’s Crazy” Cross Stitch
For the friend who needs something other than Christmas lights and scribbled maps to put on their walls. Find it on Etsy.
Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kit
This pack even includes two free Demogorgon figures! Find it on Amazon.
Barb Prayer Candle
Sure, it’s been a full season since our girl Barb has been alive to roll her eyes at the folly of her fellow teens. But we stan a legend, dead or alive! Find it on Etsy.
Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club Shirt
It’s a pretty exclusive club. Find it on Amazon.
Upside Down Door Mat
A great way to ward off those pesky, door-to-door solicitors. Find it at ASOS.
Retro Polaroid OneStep
Channel your inner Johnathan Byers with this special-edition Polaroid. Buy it at Nordstrom.
Dustin Chia Pet
Cha-cha-cha-chia! Help Dustin grow his signature mane in just a few easy steps. Grab it from Walmart.
Alphabet Wall Record Player
Barnes & Noble
Jam out to “Should or Stay or Should I Go?” with your friends while you pretend your problems don’t exist. Find it at Barnes & Noble.
“Bitchin” Pin
While we’re excited to see Eleven’s Season 3 style, we loved her second Pokemon evolution as an ‘80s street rat. Keep that look alive with this enamel pin from Etsy.
Hand-Held Stranger Things Arcade Game
Put Palace Arcade in the palm of your hand with this mini arcade cabinet, stocked full of 20 retro games like Pacman and Space Invaders, and a few new ones with a "Stranger Things" theme. Find it at Target.
Inflatable Dart Floatie
He’s cute, but he bites! Get him on Amazon.
Coffee and Contemplation Mug
When Hop’s right, he’s right. Find it on Etsy.
Demogorgon Plushie
All the better to snuggle with during the long Season 3 binge. Find it on Amazon.
Holiday Light Earrings
Will these earrings you communicate with your son who has been kidnapped by an interdimensional monster? Probably not, but it’s worth a try! Find ‘em on Etsy.
A Netflix Gift Card
Well, you changed your password. How else are they gonna watch it? Find it on Amazon.

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